Rachel Chardéa Brown is a speaker, podcaster, author, pastor’s wife, mommy to littles, but most importantly a daughter who encourages women to walk in the identity the Lord has given them. She strongly believes that through this given identity we possess God-given authority. Rachel Chardéa Brown, not to be mistaken for every other Rachel Brown in the world, is a self-proclaimed food competition expert and has a lifetime dream of one day participating as a judge! By day Rachel uses her mathematics degree as a software developer for Compassion International. During her nights and weekends Rachel helps her husband has he leads Oasis Church located in Tacoma, WA and also wrangle their two kids.  Rachel loves to edutain (it’s a word, look it up) with Truth from the Word, love from Jesus, and guidance of the Holy Spirit on her podcast “THIS is in the Bible” and also in her books “This is ME from A to Z. Rachel resides in Tacoma, WA with her husband EJ, son Apollos and daughter Imri.


Can you believe prostitution, incest or even scandal are in scripture?! Shonda Rhimes has NOTHING on the events that have occurred in history found in THE BIBLE! The most holy and sacred book known to man?! Each month host Rachel Chardea will share some CRAZY passages that will have you saying, “THIS is in the Bible?!” – and talk about how they still relate to you today!


This is ME from A-Z

Each child should be celebrated for the unique features and abilities they were created with. This is ME from A to Z does just that! Children and adults can enjoy this book together as they discuss the unique differences they see with every new character. The pages feature fun alliterations to familiarize children with the sound of each letter in the alphabet.

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This is ME from 1 2 3

This is ME 1 2 3, celebrates the unique features and abilities of every child. Children and adults will enjoy this book together as they discuss the differences they see with each character. In this journey through numbers one to twenty, Apollos and his friends expose young readers to the idea that “although we look different, we are kids just like you!”

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This is ME from A-Z: Activity Book

Activity book, filled with mazes, coloring pages and many other activities to go along with characters foundin This is ME from A to Z.

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This is ME from A-Z: My Identity

Too often the enemy, who will be referred to as “lil lucy”, tries to snatch your identity and claim it for himself. Meanwhile, the Lord has infinite amounts of “good thoughts about you” (Psalm 139:17-18). God wants you to know who you really are. In this devotional, speaker, podcaster and author Rachel Chardéa Brown will walk you through twenty-six days of reclaimed identity.

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